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July, 25th 2012 12:23:20 / by Karine Langenes

Will there be flying cars in the future?

The terrafugia Flying Car @ the 2012 New York Internatioanl Auto Show

For more then a hundred years ago people were expecting flying cars before the new millennium. As we know by now, this didn’t happen at all. And it doesn’t really feel like we are getting closer either…, does it? In cartoons it is easy to see that the dream of flying cars is as big today as it has been before. We also know that it is possible to build this type of cars, NASA shows us how it could be done in this video:

The first flying car was developed by Glenn Curtiss. To be fair it wasn’t really a flying car because it couldn’t fly, it was only jumping. But at least it made people think of the flying car as something that really could happen. He named his “flying-car” Three-wing Curtiss Autoplane. Later, in 1926 the “sky flivver” was displayed by Henry Ford. This project wasn’t either successful because of an accident that killed the pilot. The first flying car that actually deserves the name (because it could fly) was built by Waldo Waterman and had wind under its wings on March 21, 1937. He named it Arrowbile, the wingspan of the car was 11 meters, it could fly at 180 km/h and drive at 90 km/h. Have a look at the picture below:

Have you ever been invited to a dinner, a wedding or perhaps a party that you had to “skip” because it was to far away? Well, I guess most of us have experienced this. Could the flying car (if it existed) make our live easier in the sense that we wouldn’t need to say no to so many things? And think of all the time that would be saved when you fly in a straight line from A to B instead of standing in a line and even follow all the twist and turns of the road.

Yes I know, I make it sound unproblematic don’t I? Of course we would need a totally new set of rules. And it would also be quite scary if something went wrong with the vehicle far above the ground. Maybe is it impossible, or maybe all of the questions above are just problems waiting to be solved?

Can you think of a better way of getting from A to B then with a flying car? Or maybe you have a suggestion to how a flying car could look like or even work? If you do, please send us a mail with your explanation and some pictures or even drawings. We are eager to see it!


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