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September, 1st 2011 12:19:00 / by Jan Hyka

Walking in my shoes (Prague, Czech republic)

old shoes

Which means of transport do you use usually?
Usually I use public transportation – subway preferably.

Why do you use it?
It’s fast and effective mean of transportation. The greatest point being it doesn’t get influenced by traffic situation. Thanks to smart layout of the subway network you can save a lot of above-ground transportation by using sub.

Which is your favorite means of transport?
For me, it’s definitely my own legs. I walk by foot as much as possible.

In crowded cities when you need to reach not so far distances it is usually as much effective as public transportation – you can avoid problems with traffic, you can go shorter or not so overused ways. It’s quite effective means of transportation in overcrowded cities like Prague is as long as the distances are not way too far. Plus, you can get some pretty sightseeing as well as keep your condition up. And… the only thing you need is decent shoes.

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